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Midwest Outdoor Resorts (MOR) was founded in the early 2000s. They started with Rushmore Shadows Resort, which is centrally located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Enjoy s’mores around the bonfire, settle in for movie nights and treat yourself with Pampered Campers while on resort. If you’re looking for fun off the resort, Mount Rushmore is only 20 minutes away, or you could walk next door and visit old MacDonald’s Farm.

In 2005 MOR purchased Hidden Bluffs Resort in Spring Grove, Minnesota, which proved to be an excellent idea! With its tranquil atmosphere, babbling trout streams and gorgeous hiking trails, Hidden Bluffs has become a favorite of many of the members.

In 2015, they then added St. Croix River Resort in Hinckley, MN. ¾ of a mile off the St. Croix River, which is perfect to canoe or tube down with Perdun’s in Danbury.

MOR’s most recently acquired resort is Ham Lake Resort, which is on Ham Lake. Ham Lake is the perfect location for kids of all ages with the beach on resort as well as having friendly goats, alpacas, a horse, a mule and even a peacock to see!

In December 2021, MOR merged with Travel Resorts of America(TRA) and became Travel Resorts of the Midwest (TMW). Come visit us for your next adventure, we look forward to seeing you.

A Family of 11 Resorts!

Escape the sweltering temps of summer with a stay at one of our 11 beautiful resorts on the east coast or mid west!

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You can call our member services number at (800) 231-0425 or call their member services at (855) 332-9541 

Yes! Any employee that wants to continue working for MOR will still be at the resorts!

Almost everything will stay exactly the same with exciting new opportunities to add to your membership. 

As you can imagine, there is a lot that goes into a merger. We are working hard on putting together the most amazing benefits for all our members new and old and we will be updating you as we continue this merger.  

You can call our member services number at (855) 332-9541 or call their member services at (800) 231-0425 

As you can imagine, there is a lot that goes into a merger. We are working hard on putting together the most amazing benefits for all our members new and old and we will be updating you as we continue this merger.  

Yes, eventually you will be able to add the Midwest Resorts to your membership!

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We have news!

We are pleased to announce, In December of 2021, Travel Resorts of America acquired 5 new resorts in the midwest called Midwest Outdoor Resorts. We are so excited  about the merger of our two fantastic membership based camping companies and we hope you are too!

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